ISUZU - the first Japanese automotive company

'ISUZU' - The word takes us to a family of dynamic innovations, experience and heritage that multiplies further compared to any other Japanese automobile manufacturer. Since 1916, Isuzu is involved in truck manufacturing, introducing historic models of supreme quality along the path. Prior to the emergence of Isuzu, the company had the cooperation between Electrical industrial and Tokyo Gas.

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More than 100 years of research and innovations in automobile industry

In 1918, they together perked up their first truck soon after company generated its business tie-up with Wholseley in England. In 1933, the company launched a car gives it the name of a Japanese river. Indeed, the success so influenced that they altered the brand name as Isuzu Motors Ltd. in 1949. Thereafter in 1987, the company celebrates its 50th year of establishment. The same year had a handshake with General Motors and a year after becomes Isuzu-General Motors(IGM).

As of now, Isuzu trucks are running over various organizations although in 120 countries around the world. The company has accomplished some conspicuous returns. Like Isuzu N-series models with compressed natural gas are best sellers among all light-duty vehicles in the market. The company holds the position for consecutive 24 years. Isuzu also beat up the world leader in research and development of super-clean diesel engines