What lies behind the Jaguar?

The Jaguars, they are mighty creatures that occupied forests of South America. They can be easily named as kings of jungles. It`s not a surprise that this kind of animals has its another sibling in a metal wheeled world which is also claim to be The Jaguar. The very first mention of the brand can be traced to 1922. Swallow Sidecar Company was a predecessor of The Jaguar owned by William Walmsley. The first model in the line of The Jaguar was built in 1932.

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The SS of Williams lived until 1945 when the brand became a reminder of terror of Nazi SS labels. That`s how the wildcat became the name of the company. The period of SS was met with a portion of criticism. The founders concentrated more attention on style and design of cars rather than productivity and performance. The Standard Motors Company were the unchanged suppliers for The Jaguar`s engines and chassis while William preferred to work with the elegance of design for new models. The SS1 and The SS90 brought glory to the founders of the Jaguar. The XK120 was another prodigy for the brand, it was one of the fastest cars which could reach speed 0f 60mph in less than 5 second and its top speed of 125 mph was a tremendous victory for 1930`s. This car was made to be an icon on the global scale. The popularity of this automobile was doubtless and the evidence of selling more than 15000 cars in several years only proved the statement. The following heirs of XK120 slightly changed their names into XK140 and XK150. By the late of 50`s the new model of Jaguar MKII almost conquered the market by proving ground as the best seller of that time. The small changes in design were enough to deliver more than 120 000 of cars to customers. The real glory for the Jaguar started with the era of the hippy. In the 60`s the Jaguar E-type came onto the stage at the Geneva. The 150 mph made the new record broker a style icon of 60`s. It was a rightful heir of D and C class Jaguars. The Jaguar E-type became a nightmare for Ferrari which had a tendency to lose races with that automobile. The technology advanced E-type was improved with the racing engine and modernized chassis. In 1989 after decades of financial losses The Jaguar along with Land Rover became the member of the Ford Motor Company. The Ford reign over the Jaguar ended in 2008 when the Jaguar became part of Indian Tata Motors. For nowadays the Jaguar model line consists of sedan sports cars like the XJ XF and freshmen X-Type and XK.

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