JEEP - the oldest manufacturer of SUVs

The Jeep is an American automobile brand belongs to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In the year 1987, Chrysler Corporation acquired the Jeep brand with its headquarter in Toledo, Ohio. The present product range of the company consists of SUVs and off-road vehicles and had pickup trucks in the past. Its first product, Willys MB went into production in 1941 especially for military and happens to be the oldest four-wheeled drive production SUVs. It became the primary light 4-wheel drive vehicles of US Army during the World War II and the term became common for wartimes.

The Jeeps have been built under the joint venture with several automakers across the globe that includes the Indian auto giant, Mahindra. It has been with Mahindra from the 1960s and the company entered the market again on August 30th, 2016 with the launch of Wrangler and Cherokee in the country.

JEEP spare parts

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The US-based automaker has always advertised its off-road capabilities. Presently, Wrangler is one of the few four-wheel drive vehicles with strong front and rear axles. Its axles are known for durability, articulation, and strength. Another benefit of solid axles is that they tend to be cheaper and easier to lift with aftermarket suspension systems.

In India, finding the Jeep spare parts was a little difficult, but with the rise of e-commerce channels, it has become convenient and can be delivered to the doorstep. Customers looking for genuine Jeep spares can browse its catalogue online.