The Ferruccio success

Every fairy tale commences with something magic from the very origin. For Ferruccio Lamborghini, the magic comes from his fascinating skills of mechanics and passion to everything with the metallic heart which later earned his ticket to a place on the pedestal of the metal horse geneses. The WWI revealed his ambitious skills to the public. His soldier`s life passed in peace. The services duties were related to coming back broken parts of vehicles to live. This kind of activity helped him to earn the glory of a majestic mechanic from comrade-in-arms. Ferruccio did not stop repairing vehicles activity.

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After the demobilization, Ferruccio came back to his birthplace and started building the Lambo Brand. The prominent skills of Ferruccio mixed with an entrepreneur sense made his repair shop a profitable enterprise.

The project grew up into tractor manufacturing endeavour. In that time, farmers of Italy experienced the deficit of farming equipment. Ferruccio literally used every scratch of metal for the creating mechanical fellows for farmers.

In 1960`s the fashion Lambo brand marched forward and turned into services related to air-conditioning. Ferruccio became a wealthy man and his concerns were angled into the issue of top model cars in Italy.

As a mechanical prodigy, he saw imperfectness of engines in bestsellers like Maserati and Ferraris. Ferruccio tried to point out Enzo Ferraris the points of imperfectness on his cars. Enzo was not a diplomat or a man tolerant to critics, so he just asked Ferruccio to leave the office.

This kind of eccentric behaviour triggered the birth of the Automobili Lamborghini SpA. Sant`Agate lands became a motherland for the first Lamb plant. Ferruccio succeeded in poaching famous Ferraris engineers. With assisting efforts of these colossi of engineering the Lambo legendary heart V12 came from the fairytale. The Miura was an heir of Ferruccio genies ideas. It was an automobile which owned distinctive elements from sport cars features.

The solution of placing the engine in the middle of the automobile and eccentric futuristic design was a bravado of Marcell Gandini. The Miura was the syntheses of a cross-species metamorphose, like a product of the mating of a top speed car and bull. In 1975, the heritor came into the World. It was the forthcoming alien shaped race car from majestic space The Countach. It was the project with the bull power of 4-litre engine synchronized with unexpected swing-up doors which also became a visiting card of the Lamborghini.

The late of 1970`s were not success years for Ferruccio because of losses he was forced to break up with the creation. After changing owners, the Lamborghini was rest in hands Mimram brother where the QuattroValvole and LP 500 S their new solution. The present owner of the Lamborghini is The Audi AG. The Germans redesigned The Lambo into new Murcielago model that became a rightful renew of the Ferruccio glory. The cost of cars is expectedly high which means about $1,5 million per unit.

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