The Land Rover History

You know that driving your car in the middle of nowhere was not the best solution you have ever made. The car can`t always be a reliable fellow, especially if an owner is planning an off-roading trip. The car`s engine malfunction can be a serious disaster for owners stuck in desert places where no one can give a hand. How can owners rely on their cars in hazard conditions? These questions remained undecided until the Wilks brothers gave life to the design project of the first Land Rover.

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The story of the Land Rover starts in 1947. When the future chief designer Maurice Wilks and his brother Spencer who eventually became the Managing Director of the company had started working on the project of their first automobile. Their first creation, which was born on Newborough Anglesey farm, slightly resembled the figure of a wide shaped ox. Maurice Wilks was proud of his new jeep but still had thought that this car was missing something.

The Jeep was a successor during the WWII, a vehicle that can overcome many terrain obstacles. Maurice was devoured by an idea to create a competitive rival to the Jeep.

The Amsterdam Auto Show success of the Land Rover showed that a relevant competitor for the Jeep was born. On April 1948 lightweight construction and an ability to overcome almost every rough terrain brought the vehicle to buyers.

It was a car for gentlemen and landlords in Great Britain. The country still remained the status of the colonial Empire and rich citizens bought the Land Rover for trips around their domains.

Years later, the vehicle became the best friend for trips and expeditions in remote areas. It`s the first vehicle which claims to have been seen by 33% of the global population.

The model of 1960`s with 4WD system helped the Land Rover broke into new markets like India, Australia, and New Zealand. Unfortunately, the Japanese miracle of 1970`s provided the market with new models of cars that overrun the targeted market segment of the Land Rover. The Japanese were on the way of conquering USA market where the Land Rover was still a stranger. The situation changed with a presentation of the new Defender model. The owner of the Land Rover was changed several times and become the BMW property. Under the patronage of the BMW designed models like the Freelander and Disco which created a sensation on the market. The changes made by the new owner in softened construction drove MPV and SUV market into revolution.

The Ford bought the brand in 2000`s. The followed transaction with the USA manufacturer became beneficial for the vehicle for the first time. Under the Ford supervising the Range Rover Mk III and Discovery 3 were placed amongst competitors on the MPV market. After 2004, The Brand suffered from years of misfortune. Consumers repeatedly sent unfavourable reports to the company. The misfortune of the company again finished with the transaction to the new owners. Since 2008, the Land Rover is owned by the Indian Group Tata Motors.

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