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MAHINDRA - the giant of the global vehicle market from India

Mahindra and Mahindra has been moving from strength to strength to introduce and include the likes of Bolero, Scorpio, EVs, pickups, and commercial vehicles in its ever-growing portfolio of impressive vehicles. The transition from Mahindra & Mohammed to Mahindra & Mahindra was never an easy process, still the Mahindra brothers did really great in channelizing their energies and efforts in the right direction. Creating products, services and possibilities, the brand follows three precepts religions – no limits attitude, alternative thinking, and the penchant to drive positive changes. Treading along similar lines, its logo reflects change and continuity, which is the hallmark of Mahindra’s growth story. Initiating its automobile operations as a manufacturer of army vehicles,

Mahindra is now a major automobile and tractor manufacturer ruling its niche market segment. Ranging from two-wheelers to heavy trucks, Mahindra’s portfolio of vehicles is widening with each passing year to suggest more options to customers in India and abroad. Over the years, the company has done exceedingly well in meeting and going beyond myriad transportation needs of its global clientele in a way or the other. In order to make serious inroads into the global automotive market, the automobile company keeps collaborating with other globally acknowledged car and automobile manufacturers, which further allows it to stick to its driving force – Think Global.

Do you compare the price of every next spare part you purchase your car? No. We know that it’s a pretty tough task to compare between prices and quality and the only option you left with is to trust your mechanic and you need to buy whatever he suggested. Even then the market monopoly of Original Equipment Manufacturers is one of the reasons behind the high price of genuine parts, these parts are only available with authorized dealers or their franchises there are several brands available in the market but they are not that much faith for everyone.

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