12.2013 - 09.2017
Engine: 0.8 - 1.0
Engine type: Diesel, Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

Maruti Celerio automobile produced by Maruti Suzuki company in India was set to production in 2014. Small, compact and inexpensive car has made substantial competition for such popular models as Hyundai i10 and Ford Figo. Also, in 2014 modification for European market equipped with three-cylinder 1-liter engine, audio system and air conditioning system was presented.

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MARUTI CELERIO parts and accessories

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Technical specifications

As for security level, Maruti Celerio has gained 3 out of five possible stars while Euro NCAP testing in 2014. A year later this rate was upgraded to 4 out of five. However, the basic package sold on the territory of India does not provide airbags and the overall body rigidity is mediocre.

The car is offered in variations with either diesel or gasoline engine. In 2015 a new diesel motor for this auto was introduced. The machine capacity equals 793 cc. its size is identical to the old gasoline engine. Then again, in February 2017 a diesel Celerio was taken out of production.

Also in 2017 there appeared a new auto version getting closer to an offroader. The new model gained the name Celerio X and a sequence higher price in comparison to the former. The car’s components have left in fact the same but the exterior, interior and dimensions suffered significant changes. The new car owns an aggressive face bar, low-profile body, imitation of steel protection in the rear and a hood ornament on the fifth door.

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