01.1995 - 01.2019
Engine: 1.3
Engine type: Petrol
Body type: Off-road vehicles

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.3L 4WD 1.3L 4WD 01.1995 - 01.2000 1.3L Petrol 82 h.p. 60 kW G13BB CARBURETOR Choose 1.3L
82 h.p.
1.3L 4WD 1.3L 4WD 05.2000 - 01.2004 1.3L Petrol 82 h.p. 60 kW G13BB Choose 1.3L
82 h.p.
1.3L 4WD 1.3L 4WD 01.2004 - 01.2010 1.3L Petrol 82 h.p. 60 kW G13BB BSIII Choose 1.3L
82 h.p.
1.3L 4WD 1.3L 4WD 01.2010 - 01.2019 1.3L Petrol 82 h.p. 60 kW G13BB BSIV Choose 1.3L
82 h.p.

MARUTI GYPSY parts and accessories

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Brief overview of Maruti Suzuki generations

1. 1985 - the first model with F10A Suzuki engine (1.0-liter, four cylinders) was introduced. Its carburetor engine has the output of 45 horsepower. All models were equipped with four-speed manual transmission.

2. 1993 - Marutigypsy with increased by 90 mm wheelbase was released. This new jeep was equipped with flared splashers aimed at reducing the vehicle roll-over vulnerability. Two years later, the manufacturer equipped this car with the catalyst converter, so this modification could comply with the new emission standards.

3. 1996 - another innovation was presented. Maruthi Gipsi received an engine developed by Esteem. This was eight-cylinder motor, which was made entirely out of aluminium. Its total displacement was equal to 1.3 liter and its output was 60 horsepower. This carburetor engine was interconnected with new five-speed transmission. The model became known as Gypsy King.

The image of this car was also quite different from the previous modifications. The manufacturer renewed the design of the grille - it received horizontal wires. Its motor hood became more cambered. The vehicle’s interior also changed: front seats were supplemented with headrests and upholstered.

4. 2000 - the company modified its King model with the improved 16-valve engine, the output of which became quite higher — 80 horsepower. Beyond that, the model was complemented with brake booster. The engine worked together with five-speed transmission. In 2013, this vehicle was introduced in New Zealand as Suzuki Farm Worker.

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