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Maserati is an example of brilliant Italian design with advanced technology, it is one of the best-designed cars in the world truly supporting the quote “beauty on wheels”. Almost 100 years before Alfieri Maserati founded this brand in 1914 and now the name is enough to describe the goodwill of the brand across the globe. The evolution of this brand from a startup to one of the top car manufacturers in the world is pure defines their psychology of producing highly luxurious performing vehicles with an Italian design taste, even the motto of the brand is “Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars”.

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The winner of auto races and vehicle exhibitions

Maserati has been a vital pillar in the history of sports cars in the world. In 1993 Fiat bought Maserati and brought the two best producers (Ferrari & Maserati) together to provide the world, best in class cars with upgraded technology and finest designs.

Maserati became a major worldwide brand with its huge market of 61 countries since 2002 the United States became the largest market for the brand worldwide. It also participated in the world FIA GT championship and won the team championship for three consecutive years 2005 to 2007.

The youth in India is having a keen interest in the sports car segment, which results in the increasing demand of sports cars in India, by the effect of growing market Maserati even started their trades in India in the year 2011 before the official sales Maserati was also getting imported into India at the demand of Customers. The brand has decided to re-enter the market in 2015 with the models Quattroporte, Ghibli, Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio all in the price range of between Rs. 1.14 crore to Rs. 2.2 crore.

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