MAYBACH - the legend among exclusive luxury cars

If you are talking about the luxury cars in the world Maybach will surely top your list because this brand is worldwide appreciated about their cars with redefined technology & excellent designing, they are truly maintaining their status of luxury automakers from past one hundred years since 1909.

MAYBACH spare parts

Masterpiece of design and heavy-duty engine in a car manufacturing

Wilhelm Maybach (founder of Maybach) at the early stage of 19 was working with Daimler from there he learned the art of designing the most powerful engine, in effect the world notices the first V12 engine in 1929 as Maybach 12 DS. Earlier the brand was producing aircraft engines, heavy-duty rail engines, but in 1919 they developed an experimental car and in 1921 they showcased it in Berlin motor show after the success of the model they had produced a variety of vehicles.

Maybach has always targeted wealthy and upper class for their cars and they even design their vehicles much royal and keep the price high, in 1960 Maybach was purchased by Daimler AG and Daimler nowadays producing an extreme luxury version of Mercedes-Benz S-class under the name of Maybach.

The brand Maybach was titled after its founder as the brand was started by Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl and as per their motto “icons of luxury” they developed themselves among world’s finest car manufacturing brand with luxury and high technology.

Having a car which can carry your status symbol is a pretty easy task, but their maintenance is what which can let you in trouble sometimes as Maybach is a car which gets imported to India for few billionaires is lacking in their after sales services in India as for their maintenance they need to be dependent upon importing spare parts from another country which somehow increase its cost approx. to double.

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