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MERCEDES-BENZ - the symbol of status from Germany

Mercedes-Benz the name is quite enough big that it does not need any description from 1926 till today this brand has maintained its standard of producing cars with unmatched technology, best designs and comfort with luxury. It is a holding of Daimler AG the fuse of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellchatt DMG and Benz & cie became Daimler-Benz AG. And now they are an internationally famous brand, under which Mercedes-Benz produce luxurious passenger cars, the current logo of Mercedes have a logo of a three-sided pointed star which reflects that this company produce vehicles for all three ways of transportation Land, sea, and sky.

MERCEDES-BENZ spare parts

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Mercedes was started by Karl Benz in 1926 and have a tag line “Das Beste Oder Nichts” (The best or nothing) since then they are working as per their motto every year they produce some best vehicles which easily loved and desired by all. Mercedes is the best model of finest German, designs and technology.

Mercedes-AMG is officially supplying engines to McLaren Racing from almost past 10 years, from 2003-09 Mercedes and McLaren group join their hand to produce Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and during this period Mercedes owns 40% of the McLaren group.

In the year 1994 Mercedes-Benz started their business in India by establishing their plant in Pune, Maharashtra and get recognized as the most admired brand by fortune India magazine in 2013. It is the most generally found a luxury car in India as it is able to maintain the status symbol of elite class customers here but Mercedes also focused on the middle class in India as by launching the several models under the range of 25 to 30 lakhs.

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But when it comes about the servicing or replacing any part in the car it is far costly than any other brand available in India because of the lack of aftermarket brands producing spare parts for Mercedes-Benz, OEM parts are costly enough to affect your pocket and you even don’t have any platform to compare the prices, but what if you find a platform where you can buy Mercedes spare parts online that too with comparison among various brand at different prices. We have the well-categorized catalogues of aftermarket as well as OEM brand which are selling their parts at different prices so you can easily choose and compare between them, so no need to waste your time or money, Visit us at and select your brand, your car and its variant to order them online at cheap and best price.