What hides the Mini?

Any luxury hides in the simplicity that`s how you can describe the Mini. Despite the fact that it was a regular vehicle without extra features in speed or endurance but it still emerged as an icon in the XXth century the glance of wisdom about appearance for this model came from Foggy Albion. The origins of the model were changed several times before it came into public observation. The era of hippy was the moment for the Mini to shine up as an auto-hit for sales. An inner space for this little fellow was quite wider than outer look. The secret to large inner space of this small friend with a metal heart lies within front wheel modification along with upgrades for a metal heart. Even if there was no mini in the sixties the fever for minis existed. Austin and Morris were the names for firstborn minis. Only by after 1968, the bestseller reclaimed its appellation.

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MINI parts and accessories


A process manufacturing started in 1959 but they held a variety of marks including the Mini Minor. At the sunset of this model line, these marks of automobiles were upgraded. In 1967, they got a new suspension and made changes in a metal heart. They got an upgraded front grill and larger windows.

This little fellow became extremely popular after starring in several movies in 1969. In1961, the traditional mini had another offspring for its lineage, the Austin Mini Cooper with a larger metal heart, upgraded disk brakes and a new gearbox was fated to become the icon. It was a creation of Mr Cooper, who studied if there was a potential of the traditional Minis and decided to add some horses to these cars. This little fellow was not born just for fun, its muscular brother the Mini Cooper S planted itself as a successor of Monte Carlo Racing during the sixties. Next thirty years were not so fortuned for this little fellow. Despite new updates like bigger bodies or winding windows the automobile was in need of new customers and they didn`t come to play.

The Mini won through a decline of sales in the 80s and 90s only with the help of producing special editions. The BMW, which was the owner of the Mini during that period, saw the surviving strategy of the Mini in creating an image of luxury and fashion pictures. It was a touched retro style that was popularized in movies and commercials, also, it considered as a glamorous detail of any car collection. In 2001, the BMW manufactured originally named the New Mini. Now the manufacturing of the cars is continuing and reached the quantity rates of over one million cars for today.

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