MITSUBISHI - from agriculture to automotive

Taking reverse gear in 1870, researcher of Mitsubishi Yataro Iwasaki who earned his existence starting with Japanese car market. The group of companies are dimensionally covered in every country. Mitsubishi history somewhere had its dominant role in the development of Eastern Asia. From agriculture to automotive items Mitsubishi's three diamond logo design has an evolution over the world plus the name synonymous as the suitcase including of 'mitsu' means 'three' and 'hishi' means 'rhombus'.

MITSUBISHI spare parts

The company, which moved Asian industry

Yataro initiated with his brother, son, nephew together to generate business in various areas. Rolling off the assembly line when Mitsubishi shipbuilding co. ltd. developed 22 models then discontinued them being not so successful. Between the period of 1917 to 1921 many division was made in order to manufacture aeroplane engines.

Thence in 1928 the company name transformed to Mitsubishi Aircraft Co. In 1934, the MHI revealed into scene upon merger with Mitsubishi Aircraft Company, a firm involved into heavy industries also the biggest private business in Japan, building mass-produced aircrafts, railroads, ships and further machinery. Later conglomerate unfolded PX33, a military sedan with four-wheel drive, was built. This invention charge on their existence after a long hold of 50 years having a successive bash on selling market.

At the peak of the 1950s and 1960s Japan came into gear over the exceptional economic growth where Mitsubishi industries are directly or indirectly part of that growth, thus families earned lucrative wages in turned motors were taking off. With the bigger profits, the decision was taken to reintegrate all three fractions also focus on automobile industry i.e. Mitsubishi Motors, the wholly inherited subsidiary of MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) in 1970.

In 2014, Siemens promulgates the Mitsubishi's joint venture declaration procurement of product and materials. In any case, Mitsubishi is racing stagnant plus breaking the ground because the Asian economy continued stammering.