Nissan – the course for efficiency and environmental friendliness

Nissan Motor Corporation has been developing car models and Nissan car spare parts for over 70 years. Laconic Japan style of their vehicles appealed to customers' hearts not only in India but also to motorists worldwide.


NISSAN spare parts

What helps Nissan cars stay afloat

At the beginning of Nissan's growth (in 1933) nobody could predict that this business would occupy its rightful place in the car market. But the secret of its powerful seventy years in a niche is evident: the ability for adapting to new times and changes, creating innovations and taking customers demands into consideration. Today people opt for the compact and fuel-efficient cars. Nissan quickly caught these aspirations and changed as its priorities in favour of electric vehicles. The first company's electric car was introduced for sale a few years ago and was called the Nissan Leaf. The brand publicized, that production of this car model will achieve 50,000 units a year.

How Nissan challenged the car market

Since 1996 the company started constructing vehicles, which can drive using alternative fuel. In 2015 Nissan together with Toyota and Honda announced their intention to support the national infrastructure for hydrogen cars. They consider this chemical element as a huge fuel reserve. Hydrogen is more spread on the Earth than lithium, which is used in batteries manufacturing for electric cars. But producing, transportation, and usage of hydrogen in vehicle require high expenses and incredible efforts. It seems, Nissan really challenged themselves.

Where to buy Nissan auto parts at proper prices

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