Porsche is the company that has proper torque and torsion

Ferdinand Porsche is a person whose name is closely connected with progress in the auto industry. He had created torsion bar suspension in 1932. Very soon most car manufacturers started to use it. By 1954 twenty-one European car makers were equipped with torsion bars. And this great engineer had passed a long way before his reveries became reality. Taking in a view that he had made his first steps by creating VW30 in 1937, and only 11 years after he made his earliest racing car – Porsche-356. Foresaid was improved, developed and presented in Paris in 1953. In 1964 Porsche 911 Carrera appeared. Its distinctive feature was the water-cooled cooling system. In 1968 Porsche S-2.2 won the Monte Carlo Rally. Nowadays Porsche Company produces the most desirable cars in the world. And we can certainly enlarge and continue the list of achievements for they are countless.

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Amusing stuff about Porsche:

1. One of the fun options is that you can have your car painted any colour. It won’t be for free of course, but as they say - there isn’t such thing as a free lunch!

2. The Dutch police used to drive the Porsche 356.

3. Porsche race cars have won nearly 24,000 races! Now, isn’t that fascinating?

4. It might surprise you a great deal – but they actually made tractors. Furthermore, they created gasoline-powered tractor for coffee farmers so that the diesel fumes won’t spoil the flavour.

5. The P 959 won the Paris Dakar rally which was really hard at the time. 6. They are so cool, that even Harley Davidson uses Porsche engines.

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