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People who crave for innovations spin this world around. It’s interesting to follow the bizarre pattern of their lives. Louis Renault was such person. He started from rebuilding three wheels article De Dion-Bouton that had a pompous title 'automobile'. And in the end, the whole construction was so good it became sellable. Without second thought Louis started a workshop in his own pen and began short-run production. Shortly after this, his motorcars acquired driveshaft and a direct drive that he had invented. He and his two elder siblings established the company called 'Renault Freres' which was selling AG-1 models.

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The company sold 350 cars – a number that was tremendous. In 1904 firm became the most profitable European company and the owners woke up rich one morning. Renault automobiles appeared popular throughout the world. Louis extended the assortment by producing racecars, buses, trucks and even agricultural machinery. The company even survived World War I and World War II though not its owner. After the industrial death corporation was nationalized. Nowadays Renault is a huge car manufacturer that owns Dacia and Samsung Motors and produces the best automobiles across the globe.

Interesting facts about Renault:

1. Renault has fantastic racing history. Renault won the first ever Grand Prix, held in Le Mans in 1906. The fastest Renault car was the Alpine A443.

2. The Renault Clio won the European Car of the Year twice – the Mk1 in 1991 and the Mk3 in 2006.

3. The Renault Laguna got five out of five stars in 2001 under Euro NCAP’s safety assessment system of the time. This was unexampled.

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