01.2008 - 09.2010
Engine: 1.2 - 1.4
Engine type: Petrol, Diesel
Body type: Hatchback

SKODA Fabia vehicle from Skoda Auto Company (Czech Car Manufacturer) was introduced during Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999. This model replaced the discontinued Skoda Felicia model. The name of this car, and Fabia word, in particular, comes from the root word “Fabulous”, that means “Astonishing” or “Wonderful”. The word was shortened and obtained ‘ia’ ending, as in other models of Skoda.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.2 1.2 01.2008 - 09.2010 1.2L Petrol 70 h.p. 51 kW BZG,CEVA,CGPA,CHTA Choose 1.2L
70 h.p.
1.4 1.4 01.2008 - 09.2010 1.4L Diesel 70 h.p. 51 kW BNM Choose 1.4L
70 h.p.


09.2010 - 05.2013
Engine: 1.2 - 1.6
Engine type: Diesel, Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.2 1.2 09.2010 - 05.2013 1.2L Diesel 75 h.p. 55 kW CFWA Choose 1.2L
75 h.p.
1.2 1.2 09.2010 - 05.2013 1.2L Petrol 70 h.p. 51 kW BZG,CEVA,CGPA,CHTA Choose 1.2L
70 h.p.
1.6 1.6 09.2010 - 05.2013 1.6L Petrol 105 h.p. 77 kW CLSA Choose 1.6L
105 h.p.

SKODA FABIA parts and accessories

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Skoda Fabia car is one of the most known and demanded models of the Czech manufacturer Skoda in India and the countries of Europe. This automobile was created on the basis of a Volkswagen car which can explain a car’s popularity.

1-st generation

The car is based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo. It is available with several engines having different displacement - petrol engine and diesel engine. This vehicle is presented in three body variants - hatchback, sedan, and station wagon. The model enjoyed vast popularity and, thanks to its reasonable cost, was sold in the amount of over 600 000 units in the first year after its presentation. The first generation of Fabia was officially presented on the car show in Frankfurt in the autumn of 1999. Car was set online in that very autumn, in October. The models of the first generation were equipped with a manual or an automatic gearbox with 5 and 4 speeds relatively. The assortment of engines was represented by units of 1.2 and 2.0 liters capacity.

2-nd generation

The 2-nd generation was presented within Geneva Motor Show in 2007. Its design and accessories are the same as those of the Roomster model. This model was produced in several configurations: Sport, Elegance, Ambiente, and Classic. The new modified Skoda became the largest vehicle among minicars. The production of the second generation was launched in 2006. The car remained on the same platform but its sizes slightly grew.

3-rd generation

The 3-rd generation was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2014. The third-generation universal has the largest trunk among all representatives of the model line - its volume is 330 liters, which is 15 liters more than in the previous-generation models. Aside from that, this generation of this car has a MirrorLink System, which gives a possibility to tap into the car’s onboard control system via a usual smartphone. A new Skoda brand style was developed especially for this automobile. A new modified model is equipped with a new line of engines represented by four machines working on petroleum and three diesel ones

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