02.2004 - 12.2013
Engine: 1.8 - 2
Engine type: Petrol, Diesel
Body type: Saloon

You can only see Skoda Laura vehicle in India. This is, in fact, an analog of a very popular in Europe Skoda Octavia. Apart from India, this car was also produced in the Czech Republic, Angola, China, Ukraine, Russia, and Slovakia. The commercial name of this third-generation car is Laura. It entered the market in 2004 and was quite popular up until 2013. And if you want to buy Skoda Laura spares - you can do it on our website.


SKODA Laura parts and accessories

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Skoda Laura is a highly comfortable light-sized sedan. The auto is supplied in 8 variations. As for the engine, there exist the variants of machines that work on petrol fuel or on diesel system. The gasoline engine of Skoda Laura is capable of providing the power of 160 horsepowers at 6 thousand rpm. A diesel variation is represented by TDI 2.0 FV engine whose working capacity is calculated as 1983 cubic centimeters. It delivers the power of 110 horsepowers at 4200 rotates per minute. One more engine variation is 2.0 KAT which works on diesel fuel and is able to produce 140 horsepowers.

The car is equipped with manual or automatic transmission.

Technical characteristics

Skoda Laura is available for purchase in two variants - with petrol and with a diesel engine. A buyer can choose between station-wagon and hatchback (liftback). Aside from that, Europeans developed a new modified Scout off-roadster - it was also added to the company’s catalog. This is a 4WD vehicle with a plastic body kit and increased ground clearance. Speaking about its transmission - there are models with a manual, robotized, automatic and pre-selective gearbox.

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