TATA - the multinational automaker of commercial and passenger cars

The history of this brand clearly defines their journey from bottom to the sky, in 1945 Jamestji Tata (founder Tata group) started this company as a locomotive manufacturers. Since then this company is achieving new heights of success From their tie-up with Daimler-AG to Fiat, from purchasing the heavy-duty vehicle segment of South Korean brand Daewoo to purchasing one of the best car makers in the world jaguar Land Rover. This brand has developed as one of the major international brands in the world as in 2014 this company recorded under top 500 companies in Fortune Global across the world.

TATA spare parts

Bestseller of automotive industry in all over the world

In 1954 they expended their wings in producing vehicles used for commercial activity like buses and trucks in a tie-up with Daimler-AG and to reach a mass number of public through their technology Tata put their step in the manufacturing of cars for general public in 1991 by introducing “sierra” which was an MUV, after this they launched more vehicles like Estate (1992), Sumo (1994), Safari (1998) and also introduced the first completely Indian made car named as Indica a Hatchback car for Indian customers which later become the bestselling car in Indian automotive industry.

In the year 2004 this brand got listed in BSE (Bombay stock exchange) & New York Stock Exchange as well and emerged as a multinational automaker company. During the year 2005 Fiat and Tata group had a joint agreement to manufacture automotive equipment together in India.

In the year 2008 they purchased the finest British car maker brand Jaguar and in the same the year Ratan Tata launched his dream car Nano as world’s most affordable car. Which holds the crown of world’s cheapest passenger car.

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