Toyota Motor Corporation – is the world’s third automobile brand and auto parts, producer

In the 1930s the new automotive brand appeared. The company’s founder, Kiichiro Toyoda was Japanese entrepreneur whose father was an inventor. As a result, a little team started its history as a spinoff of the Kiichiro's fathers company, which produced the looms and spare parts. Nowadays Toyota is the world-known brand. It has factories in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia.

TOYOTA spare parts

Several interesting facts about Toyota Motor Corporation:

1. According to the market capitalization, Toyota was the greatest corporation in Japan.
2. In 2014 Toyota team consisted of almost 340 thousand employees. This number included workers from 6 continents.
3. In 2015 more than ten million cars were sold in the world. It made TMC the world's first automobile producer ahead of the American General Motors (9.7 million vehicles) and the German Volkswagen (10.14 million cars).
The company has been working according to the special Toyota Production System – the list of 14 rules. Among them is a "fixing problem" principle, which is based on the client-oriented approach. For example, during the last decade, the popularity of electric vehicle has increased. No nature pollution and car exhaust are the main reasons for electric vehicle demand. As a result, Toyota began to produce Hybrid Synergy Drive, Hybrid electric vehicle and Toyota Prius. Also, there is no problem to buy Toyota car spare parts. The company export car components to all countries.

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