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The first national German automobile that we all know as Volkswagen (Germ. das Volk – nation, der Wagen – automobile) took its first steps in 1934. German engineer F. Porsche was strictly instructed by wigs to create the first national vehicle which was supposed to be durable, affordable, and reliable. In 1935 the inventor unveiled his first Volkswagen sample for a test drive. In 1936 the crucial decision was made and cornerstone of VW factory was laid. During the next few years, the car was significantly modified. Thirty cars under series name VW30 were made in 1937. In no time the whole world came to know this motorcar as Beetle due to its close resemblance to this particular insect. “People’s car” kept its step with progress for 65 years!

VW spare parts

Things you should know about Volkswagen Motor Corporation:

1. Some cars manufacturers use VW's base to produce their vehicles.
2. VW makes the fastest car on earth: The Bugatti Veyron.
3. A car from the movie: VW Bug white №53. Its style was originally taken from The Love Bug main character Herbie – a motorcar with intellect.
4. Three automobiles made by VW appeared in top-10 best selling cars: Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Beetle, and Volkswagen Golf.
5. It has affiliates in 150 countries. Wherever you are Volkswagen spares can be delivered to you! If you don’t want to look for them around the city you live in, stay at home and buy Volkswagen car parts online.

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